Product Fulfillment Ratio

Availability of a Product

The availability of a product is shown in every product details page, in front of "Availability". "In stock" means that the product is available for ordering, but there can be some cases when the order cannot be fullfilled due to various reasons.


Fulfillment Ratio:
The "Fulfillment Ratio" is the percentage availability for the product. It is the percentage of the "The number of times product is shipped" divided by "The number of times product is ordered".

"Fulfillment ratio" is between 70% to 100%, then the product availability is very good and most likely expected to be shipped after ordering.
"Fulfillment ratio" is between 40% to 70%, then the product availability depends on stock with our suppliers. But if due to any reason the product is not shipped, then you will get a full refund for the same with no questions asked.


We, at try to fullfill every order at earliest, but sometimes it happens that the product ordered cannot be shipped (fullfilled) due to various reasons out of which some are beyond our control. These various reasons can be:

  • Product is no longer available with our supplier or temporarily Out Of Stock.
  • Product fails the quality check at the time of order processing.
  • Limitations on quantities available in stock.
  • Inaccuracies Or Errors In Product Or Pricing Or Promotion Information
  • Problems with shipping due to inaccurate or insufficient address or non-serviceable locations.

In such cases, you will get full refund for the value of the non-shipped goods.
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