Product Quality Disclaimer

Spare Parts Quality Levels

Confused about what is the quality level of spare parts that we offer?
The spare parts on our site can be classified according to quality level as follows:

High Quality Compatible Part – A good quality compatible replacement for your part. Parts falling under this category are "Not Original". All spare parts which do not have a "AAA" or "OG" sign, fall under this category.

Chinese original (AAA) – The Best quality available in China. Its a very good quality product but not original. The products which have "AAA" in there name fall under this category.

Original (OG) – Its a original product made by certified manufacturer. All products which have "Original" or "OG" with there name, fall under this category.

Question. What does it means by "LCD for xxxx"? Why dont you write "xxxx LCD"?
Answer. This means that the product is compatible with the handset. The product can be used as a replacement for the original part. It might not be exactly same as original part, but it will be having almost similar specifications, dimensions and functionality.


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