Question: What is the difference between LCD, Touch Screen, Front Glass & LCD-Touch Combo for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen is broken & i want to fix it, but i am confused on which part of the screen module do i need to fix it. Do i need the Front Glass Only or the Touch Screen or the LCD Display or the LCD + Touch Combo?



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen module is known to have three key components: Glass Panel, Digitizer & Display. To know the differences between different type of parts available for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we first need to know what is the function of each of these 3 components of the screen module.
* The Glass Panel or The Front Glass (Top Layer) - This is the top glass layer in the front, which you can touch and feel. Typically less than one millimeter thick, the glass panel does not have a functionality and mostly serves as a protective layer to the screen module.
* The Digitizer (Middle Layer) - A film like component, pasted just below the front glass. When you tap your fingertip or swipe it across the screen, the digitizer senses it and sends data to the phone processor. The digitizer pasted to the front glass together is called as a "Touch Screen".
* The Display or The LCD (Bottom Layer) - The bottom layer which produces the image. The display is the visual component underneath the glass that displays the image on the screen.


Now, we can clearly differentiate between the 4 type of products which are usually sold for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Replacement Front Glass For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White By - Maxbhi Com

Front Glass Only:

You need Front Glass when only the front glass is broken / cracked. Means When your phone is working perfectly fine and you can see the display clearly with no black spots & the touch is working fine for all portion of your screen, then you can just buy the front glass and get it replaced in your phone.

Replacing the front glass of a screen module is a very technical procedure and requires lots of experience and machinery. If you don't know what you need, then better look for other product type.

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Touch Screen Digitizer:

You need to replace Touch Screen Digitizer for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when the phone is working fine, but the phone stops responding to touch. This can happen when you broke the front panel of your phone and it together damaged the digitizer also. If the display your phone is working fine and there is no black spot on your screen, then replacing the Touch Screen is the best alternative.

Again, replacing the touch screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen module requires technical know how. This procedure also needs some machinery to perform the procedure as the touch is closely pasted on top of the display.

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Touch Screen Digitizer For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink By - Maxbhi Com
Lcd Screen For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9006 Replacement Display By -

LCD Display:

In rare cases the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display stop functioning properly. This can be due to internal malfunction, water logging, manufacturing defect, etc. In this case, you can replace the LCD Display from the screen module.

Replacing LCD from the screen module will again require technical know how & set of machinery, as you again need to remove the pasted touch digitizer from the LCD display.

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LCD with Touch Combo (Folder):

This is the complete screen module, means LCD with Touch for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 contains all components of the screen module and is ready for installation in your phone. You can use this part if the screen is broken / cracked or the display stops working.

Replacing Combo (folder) in your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a much easier task and can be easily performed by a little technical know how or using some YouTube videos.

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Lcd With Touch Screen For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black By - Maxbhi Com


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