Order canceled? Read more about it here.

Made an order on Maxbhi.com and it got canceled? Read more about it here.


Question. I made on order on Maxbhi.com, but it got canceled automatically. Why?
Answer. We strive to ensure that the order you have made with us is fullfilled and delivered on time. But sometimes, the seller fails to ship the order due to some reason. Such occurrences are rare but can happen in some cases.


Question. At the time of ordering i was told that the product is in stock. Then why order canceled?
Answer. Due to very high volumes of requirments of products everyday and also high rate of quality issues, it is really imposible to predict the accurate stock for products in our industry. Still will try our best to manage the inventory and give real time stock and prices updates, but sometimes our sellers & vendors can end up giving un-updated information leading to most of these issues. As also mentioned in our terms and conditions, we can also cancel the order if the product does not complies with all the quality standards at the time of packaging and shipping.


Question. Ok, order is canceled. But now what happens to my money?
Answer. An instant refund for your order is initiated to your Maxbhi eWallet account as eWallet money. This money in your eWallet is equal to the payments you made for your order. This money can be later used to make any order on Maxbhi.com with just 1 click. Buying with Maxbhi eWallet money is the fastest and easiest way to order on Maxbhi.com. Or else if after sometime you do not wish to make an another order with us, then it can also be transfered back to your bank account which was used to make the payments without any expiry.


Question. Why is refund done to my Maxbhi eWallet account and not to my bank account?
Answer. Even after cancellation of your order, we keep trying to source the products from our sellers & vendors. If the product is arranged, we will contact you asking if you still require the product. If at that moment you require the product, we can make a new order on your behalf using the money from your Maxbhi eWallet account. This way you don't have to make any re-payments for the same. More about same can be read in our terms and conditions.


Question. I don't wish to wait for the product anymore, I just want my money back. How do i get it?
Answer. It's very simple with just 1 click. Just logon to your order details page & look for button "Transfer funds to bank". If you have sufficient balance in your Maxbhi eWallet account, then an instant refund process will be initiated of money from your maxbhi eWallet to your original mode of payments account. This transfer can only be done to the the same account & method used to make the payments to the order and cannot be changed or transfered to some other account. This transfer is a slow process and can take upto 10 to 15 days of time depending upon the method used to pay for the order. You can read more here about transferring funds to your bank account here.